Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lenobia's Vow by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

My Rating: 3/ 5 Stars

Time really do travel fast and now as I go on with my life, I wake up and see that one of the series I'm following has another new installment. I remember reviewing about the previous house of night book "Destined" last October and it made such a good impression that I want to read more. Imagine my excitement when I saw "Lenobia's Vow" to be released soon.

Fast forward to a few months, I just finished reading "Lenobia's Vow" and it was an interesting story but, it could've been better. The speed on which the book was released was also how fast I've read it. Well it was a novelette after all but,  I've read more detailed and compact ones which made the shortness not an issue.

Lenobia is one of Zoey's, the protagonist in the House of Night installements, favorite teacher in her school. Basically the book tells about Lenobia's heritage and how she was able to reach America.  Add a typical love interest and an antagonist that's as predictable as a cartoon criminal.

 I guess some parts of the story just irritated me because it was predictable and maybe because it was the first book I actually finished this year due to work. Still, I would like to commend the authors for adding another interesting view about Lenobia's character but, I just hope they add more content and diverse from predictability to make the story more exciting.

Looking forward to more House of Night Books.